Lico Nishimoto’s Style on the Stage and in the City

The musician views clothing as a contrast with her music and likes to play with conventions by layering feminine and masculine pieces.


Lico Nishimoto is a Paris-based musician and composer who has put her talent at the service of the world of fashion—writing the score for numerous runway shows—and cinema—composing the soundtrack for several films.

A multifaceted artist, she is also an actress and model. Her sense for clothing contrasts strongly with her approach to music, which is rather ‘sombre’ by her own admission. She stands out on the scene with colourful pieces. In everyday life, Lico Nishimoto likes to play with the ambiguity between masculine and feminine, wearing more androgynous outfits.


Lico Nishimoto’s latest news can be found on her website and on her Instagram account.