Bringing the Products of Edo, Tokyo to the World: Early Release of the Concept Videos for the ‘Edo Tokyo Kirari Project’

Supporting businesses that strive to take on new challenges and enable new possibilities, the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project uses techniques that have been passed down from Edo to modern Tokyo.


Five years have passed since the project was launched, and the concept videos have finally been completed.
To date, 22 model businesses have participated in the project to act as representatives of Tokyo and promote the brand of Edo Kirari, both within Japan and around the world.

The project consists of two parts: ‘Grace,’ which looks at beautiful novel products that continue the traditional Edo aesthetic, and ‘Craft,’ which looks at the techniques used in handmade crafts that have been passed down for generations.
The two videos condense the charm of ‘Tokyo’s treasure’ into 30 seconds.


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